Nolikumi : ARHĪVS : 2006 :

21-23.07.2006 CSI-W - Riga (DEF)

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The World Cup competition

For Central European League

Grand Prix Riga – 2006

21 –23 July

Riga ~ Latvia

I General Information

1. Type of Event (art. 103)

Status: CSI-W

Date: 21 - 23 July 2004

Place: National Riding school of Latvia, Riga,

Kleistu street 75, LV-1067

Country: Latvia

2. Organiser

- Latvian Equestrian Federation

Kleistu street 75, Riga LV-1067, Latvia

Tel.,fax +371-7-427135

- National Riding school of Latvia , Riga

Kleistu street 75, Riga LV-1067, Latvia

Tel., fax + 371-7426727

E-Mail address :

3. Organising Committee ( art.101.6)

Honorary President Mr. Toomas Ruutmann (EST) , Mr. Agris Blaus (LAT)

President of the event: Mr.Edgars Treibergs ( LAT)

Vice-president of the event: Ms.Kristine Lisovska (LAT)

Show Secretary: Ms.Natalia Sakurova (LAT)

Ms.Marina Jevdokimova (LAT)

Ms.Svetlana Krinicka (LAT)

4. Event Direktor

Mr. Andris Kalnins

Kleistu street 75, Riga LV-1067, Latvia

Tel.,fax +371-7-427135

E-Mail address :

II General Rules

The CSI-W 2005 will be held in accordance with:

  • FEI statutes 21th Edition, effective April 2004

  • FEI General Regulations 21th Edition, 2005

  • FEI Rules for Jumping Events, 22 th Edition, 1January 2006

  • FEI Rules for the World Cup for Jumping Riders 10th Edition, 2006/2007 season.

  • FEI Veterinary Regulations, 10th edition 2006.

  • All subsequent corrections published by the FEI.

An arbitration procedure is provided for under the FEI statutes and General Regulations referred to above. In accordance with this procedure, any appeal against a decision rendered by the FEI or its official bodies must be settled exclusively by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

III Officials

1. Ground Jury ( art.148, 153, 259.1)

President: Mr. Kari Jalassola (FIN)

Members: Mr. Tony Kaumann (EST)

Mr. Marti Haal (EST)

Mr. Dainis Livmanis (LAT)

2.Foreign Judge (art.152, 259.1)

Mr. Collin Magg (GER)

3.Course Designer (art.155,259.5.1.)

Mr. Vladimir Platov (RUS)

Assitant: Mr. Sergejs Sakurovs (LAT)

4. Chief Steward ( art.144,244.5)

Ms. Indra Gabalina (LAT)

Assistant : Ms. Alina Obuseva (LAT)

Assistant : Mr. IJanis Ozols (LAT)

Assistant : Ms. Julija Tkacova (LAT)

5. Appeal Committee ( 154, 164,259.3)

President: Ms. Malle Einaste(EST)

Member: Ms. Anita Mangale (LAT)

Member: Ms. Vitautas Poznanskas (LTU)

6. FEI Veterinary Delegate ( art.158,259.4.1,1003, 1007)

Mr. Andres Tuvi (EST)

7. Show Veterinary Surgeon

Mr. Valdis Mangalis (LAT)

IV Specific technical conditions (art.201, 202)

  1. CSI-W take place on grass surface in an outdoor area.
  2. Competition arena – dimensions 60 x 100 m, grass surface.
  3. Practice arena – dimensions 40 x 60 m, grass and sand surfaces
  4. Stable – boxes : 3 X 3 m
V Invitation ( art.120, 250, 251.1, 252)

  1. Number of riders per NFs: 3

  2. Number of horses per rider: 3

  3. Number of home riders: 20

  4. One groom per rider.

Competitors are invited by the OC through their NF

VI Facilities offered (art.132, 133)

A) Accommodation will be in the following hotels:


Address: Sampetera street 139a, RIGA LV 1035, LATVIA

Fax: 00371 7892729

Tel.: 00371 7892728


Address: EZERKRASTA street 15 -19, RIGA LV 2137 , LATVIA

( 35 km from showground)

Accommodation (bed and breakfast) from 20 to 24 July 2006 at own expense of the participants.

Sufficient sanitary and showering facilities for male and female grooms, with hot and cold water, will be provided by the OC. Cost of electricity from 20 to 24 July is 15 EUR . Extra nights are available cost of 5 EUR/night. Electricity is to be paid on arrival.

B) Horses

Transport expenses to be paid by the competitors.

Stabling arrangements, from 20 to 24 July 2006. Cost of stabling and bedding to be paid by competitors 10.-EUR per day per horse from 20 to 24 July 2006. for extra day –

25.-EUR per day per horse. Food for horses – at own expense.

C) Welcome

The time and date of arrival of riders and horses and their means of transport must be given to the OC (Riga LV-1067, Kleistu street 75), in order to facilitate their arrival.

D) Local Transportation – Arrangements from Hotels to Showgrounds

The organizer will assure local transport of all competitors and officials.

E) Advertising and Publicity on Competitors and Horses

(Art. 136)

The competitors are authorized to carry the logo of their personal sponsor on the saddle cloth in accordance with Art.136.

Event organization – (art. 115.1 and 2 General regulations) in exceptional circumstances, together with the approval of Chief d’Equipe and Ground Jury the OC reserves the right to modify the schedule in order to clarify any matters or matters arising from an omission or due to unforeseen circumstances. Any such changes must be notified to all competitors and officials as soon as possible and they must be reported to the Sec. Gen. by the Foreign Judge.

The Chief Steward is responsible for ensuring that FEI Regulations relating to Art.136 are respected by riders before entering the arena. Competitors not complying with Art.136 will be not permitted to enter the arena during the competition.

VII Entries ( art.121, 251)

Organizing Committee, Kleistu street 75, Riga LV-1067, Latvia Tel.,fax +371-2-427135

Closing Dates for:

  • entries in principle – June 05, 2006

  • nominated Entries --July 01, 2006

  • definite Entries -- July 09, 2006

Entry fee 275,-EUR per horse for the whole event.


-name of horse -passport number

-date of birth -name(s) of owner(s)

-breed -colour

-country of birth -sex

-stud-book initials -owner s name

VIII Customs Facilities (art.1004.5)

1.It should be written in veterinary passports that horse is not ill and was examined by means of the Coggins test ( conc. Horses out of UE)

2.All vaccinations must be put down in the FEI International passport or national one approved by the FEI

Border Crossing points:

  • Paternieki

The A.T.A. Carnet is indispensable to cross the UE border.

The Latvian Equestrian Federation and O.C. will not act as financial quarantor versus the Customs Authorities in cases where teams import horses into Latvia without A.T.A. Carnets.

IX Veterinary Matters ( art.280, 1004.2, 1005.2.2+2.3, 1011, 1022.1)

Show veterinarian: Mr. Valdis Mangalis (LAT)

Kleistu street 75, Riga LV-1067, Latvia Tel. +371-7-427135; fax + 371-7-426727

1. Veterinary examination, inspections and passport controls.

These will be carried out in accordance with Vet.regs.Art.1011, 9th Edition , 1st January 2002 and the Jumping Rules , Annex VII, 21st edition 1st effective 1st January 2003.

The Veterinary horse inspection will take place on 20st July at 15:00

“General Regulations”, 21th Edition, effective 1st January 2005:

In accordance with Art.139.1

Every horse entered for any competition at CSNs, or CSI* in a foreign country, and all horses entered for other CSI**/***/****/*****, CSIOs, Championships, Regional and Olympic Games, whether at home or in foreign countries, must have an official, valid FEI Passport, or a National Passport approved by the FEI, accompanied by an FEI Recognition Card, as a means of identification and to establish ownership.

In accordance with Art.139.2

Horses taking part in CSNs and CSI* in their own country are not required to have such a passport as mentioned in paragraph 1.All such horses must be properly registered and identifiable by diagram. Unless there is no national requirement for equine influenza vaccination in the host country and in the country of origin all horses must have a valid vaccination certificate.

Equine influenza vaccination, Vet. Regs. App. VI.

All horses and ponies for which an EFI Passport, or National Passport approved by the FEI has been issued, must have the vaccination section endorsed by a veterinarian, stating that it has received two injections for primary vaccination against influenza, given between1 and 3 moths apart. In addition , a booster injection must be recorded as having been given within each succeeding 6 month , subsequent to the second injection of primary vaccination. None of these injections must have been given within the preceding 7 days including the day of the competition or of entry into the competition stables.

The above are the minimum requirements for influenza vaccination. Both primary and subsequent booster injections should be given according to the manufacturer’s instructions which will fall within the stipulation of the FEI ruling.

Sampling for prohibited substances, Vet. Regs.

( Vet. Regs. Chapter V & VI and Annex III)

Regular sampling is carried out in CCI***/***, CSI***/*****/*****,CIOs, World Cup Qualifiers and Finals, Championships and Games, whereas at other CIs sampling is recommended. In CICs ***/**** the number of horses tested is at the discretion of the Testing Veterinarian/ Veterinary Delegate; however , a of three is recommended. ( Vet. Regs. Art.1016)

Special quidelines are applicable for events coveredby the FEI Medication Control Programme (Groups I & II only)

Medical Control Program

The Organizing Committees of FEI events within Groups I & II are advised to charge competitors the equivalent of 12.50 CHF per horse as contribution towards the costs of the MCP Program.

Approved laboratory (Art. 1022)

Under the Medication Control Programme ( MCP) in Groups I and II, all samples collected in accordance with VR Art. 1016 & 1018 will be analysed by the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques, 15 Rue de Paradis , F – 91370 Verrieres-le-Buisson, France. For events other than those listed in VR Art. 1016 or for events other than in Groups I and II , samples may be analysed at an alternative approved Laboratory (VR Art. 1021)

Details of Approved Laboratory appointed to carry out analyses on samples collected at this event Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) , 15 Rue de Paradis , -91370 VERRIERES LE BUISSON , France.

Tel : (33 ) 169 75 28 30

Fax : (33) 169 75 28 29


The Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) expects all those involved in international equestrian sport to adhere to the FEI s Code of Conduct and to acknowledge and accept that at all times the welfare of the horse must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.

  1. At all stages during the preparation and training of competition horses, welfare must take precedence over all other demands. This includes good horse management, training methods, farriery and tack, and transportation.

  1. Horses and competitors must be fit , competent and in good health before they are allowed to compete. This encompasses medication use, surgical procedures that threaten welfare or safety, pregnancy in mares and the misuse of aids.

  1. Events must not prejudice horse welfare. This involves paying careful attention to the competition areas, ground surfaces , weather conditions, stabling , sitesafety and fitness of the horse for onward travel after the event.

  1. Every effort must to made to ensure that horses receive proper attention after they have competed and that they are treated humanely when their competition careers are over. This covers proper veterinary care, competition injuries, euthanasia and retirement.

  1. The FEI urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.

A full copy of this Code can be obtained from the Federation Equestre Internationale

Avenue Mon – Repos 24, CH – 1000, Lausanne 5, Switzerland. Telephone:

+ 41213104747. The Code is available in English & French. The code is also available on the FEI s website :

5. Health requirements for entry of horses.

1. All horses must have an official valid FEI Passport or a National Passport approved by the FEI.

2. An official veterinary certificate is necessary for the horses to enter Latvia.

X Miscellaneous


All complaints to be made in writing and accompanied by deposit of CHF 150.- or equivalent.

2.Safety cups.

O.M. Spring Stenderupvej 24 DK – 6000 Kolding

3.Prizes – Classification

Total amount of prize money for the individual classification: EUR 20 500,-EUR

Competition Nr.1
  • Total prize money 1800,- EUR

Competition Nr.2
  • Total prize money 1900,- EUR

Competition Nr.3
  • Total prize money 2200,- EUR

Competition Nr.4
  • Total prize money 2200,- EUR

Competition Nr.5
  • Total prize money 2400,- EUR

Competition Nr.6
  • Total prize money 10000,- EUR

4.Doctor, Veterinarian, Farrier

Doctor, Veterinarian and Farrier will be available at the show-ground according to the Competition Schedule.


All owners and competitors are personally responsible for damages to third persons caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. They are therefore strongly advised to take out third-party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events at home and abroad, and to keep the policy up to date.


The Chiefs d’Equipe are responsible for the behavior of their teams and/or individuals throughout the event. They and their NF are responsible for any damage up to date.

7.Entry right to show-ground

The OC will provide passes for competitors, owners of horses (max 2 owners/horse) and grooms. The competition Arena will be closed before the Event

8. Deductions from prize money.

From all prize money the 25% Tax should be deducted according to the Tax Law of Latvia.

XI Daily Programme

Friday 21 July 2006

Competition No.1 Time: 12:00

Art. 274. 5.3.(Competition in two phases)

Height: up to 130cm

Spread: up to 160cm

Speed: 350m/min

Number of horses allowed per rider: 2

Prize money: EUR 1800,- ( EUR 600,- 450,- 300,- 200,- 150,-) and EUR 100,- will

be divided according to the number of starters.

Competition No.2 Time: 15:00

Art. 238. 2.1.

Height: up to 140cm

Spread: up to 170cm

Speed: 350m/min

Number of horses allowed per rider: 2

Prize money: EUR 1900,- (EUR 650,- 450,- 350,- 200,-150,-) and EUR 100,- will

be divided according to the number of starters.

Saturday 22 July 2006

Competition No.3 Time: 12:00

Art. 269. Accumulator competition against the clock

Height: up to 150cm

Spread: up to 170cm

Number of horses allowed per rider: 2

Prize money: EUR 2200,- (EUR 700,- 500,- 400,- 300,- 200,-) and EUR 100,- will

be divided according to the number of starters.

Competition No.4 Time: 14:30

Art. 238.2.2.

Height: up to 130cm

Spread: up to 160cm

Speed: 350 m/min.

Prize money: EUR 2200,- ( EUR 700,- 500,- 400,- 300,- 200,-) and

EUR 100 will be divided according to the number of starters.

Sunday 23 July 2006

Competition No.5 Time: 12:00

Art. 270. (Joker) (Fixed time – 60 sec.)

Height: up to 140cm

Spread: up to 160cm

Number of horses allowed per rider: 2

Prize money: EUR 2400,- (EUR 750,- 550,- 450,- 325,- 225,-) and EUR 100,-

will be divided according to the number of starters.

Competition No.6 Time: 15:00

FEI World Cup qualify competition.

Art. 238.2. 2.

Height: up to 150cm

Spread: up to 180cm

Speed: 375m/min

Number of horses allowed per rider: 1

Prize money: 10 000,- EUR

No. of start. Up to 16 17-24 25-32 33-40 41 and more
Winner 3000,- 3000,- 2400,- 2400,- 2400,-
2nd 2400,- 2400,- 2000,- 1800,- 1600,-
3rd 2000,- 1600,- 1600,- 1400,- 1200,-
4th 1600,- 1400,- 1200,- 1100,- 1000,-
5th 1000,- 1000,- 1000,- 900,- 800,-
6th 600,- 800,- 700,- 700,-
7th 600,- 500,- 600,-
8th 400,- 500,- 500,-
9th 400,- 400,-
10th 300,- 400,-
11th 200,-
12th 200,-
TOTAL: 10000,-EUR 10000,-EUR 10000,-EUR 10000,-EUR 10000,-EUR

Final approval of this draft by the FEI, in accordance with Art. 115.1, denotes only the contents confirm to the FEI Statutes, General Regulation and Rules. By no means does this entails implicit acceptance of any liability of the FEI for any damages to third parties caused by the Organizing Committee and its officials, riders, drivers, owners and their horses.

Approved by the FEI



FEI Jumping Department Manager

FEI World Cup Jumping Manager

Lausanne, 31 May 2006


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