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13-14.08.2016. BALTIC DRESSAGE LEAGUE Latvia-2016 - Kleisti, Rīga

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Updated on 2 August 2016

Place and date of the Event

13 August -14 August 2016,

Equestrian Centre „Kleisti” ,

Kleistu street 75, Riga, LV-1067, Latvia

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Latvian Equestrian Federation

Kleistu street 75, Riga, LV-1067 +371 29373525; +371 27048477


Organising Committee

President of the Event – Agris Blaus

Show Secretary - Tatjana Sadovina

Assistant of SG - Anita Mangale - +371 29373524; +371 27048477

Ground Jury

President of Ground Jury Irina Ludina - 3* (RUS)


Judra Kasarina – (LTU)

Ellen Vatsel - (EST)

Maija Kleinberga - (LAT)

Sandra Karisa - (LAT)

Kristine Lisovsaka - (LAT)

Natalija Shakurova – (LAT)

Edite Rozite - (LAT)

Ginta Vilde - (LAT)


Anita Mangale - 3* (LAT)

Indra Gabalina -2* (LAT)

Svetlana Lopatina - 1* (LAT)

Veterinarian Service:

Anna Vainute (LAT) +371 29614909


Jevgenijs Bibikovs (LAT) +371 26471265




According to Baltic Dressage League General Rules, NF Rules of Latvia and FEI Dressage Rules.

Baltic Dressage League General Rules :

Classes can be entered and prizes can be won by riders from any nationality, but BDL points can be collected from BDL classes by Riders from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as BDL competitions are organized in those countries.

Specific Technical Conditions

- opening of stables 12/ 08/ 16 from 12:00

- Draw for starting order – 12/08/16 at 17:00 at the Show ground


The event will take place outdoor .

Competition arena – 20x60m (sand)

Practice arena -20x60m (sand)

In exceptional weather conditions ,the competition may be held indoors.

Competition arena can be used for training until 19:00 on 12/08/16


Entries have to made through National Federation

Entries in Principale : by return

Nominated Entries: 01 August 2016

Definite Entries: 04 August 2016

Last date for substitutions: 08 August 2016

Entries must be sent:

Entries must include the following information on horses and athletes:


name of horse; year of birth; breed; country of birth; sex; passport number; sire; sire of Dame;


name of athlete; date of birth (for children , juniors, young riders)

Passports of horses – National or FEI

Vaccination against Influenza is required.

Masterlist and starting lists - confirmed Schedule and masterlist will be available by 10/08/16 at :

Starting lists will be posted after the draw in the evening of 12/ 08/16

Horses have to carry COMPETITION NUMBERS at all times while being outside the stall.


- Starting fee per horse/per all BDL clases (2 tests - One test on Day 1 and one test on Day2) - 60.- EUR for 2 clases at the same division (Day 1+Day 2)

40.-EUR (per horse /per test )

After the registration deadline the OC reserves the right to charge Entry fees in double

- Stabling fee per horse/per event (with first bedding from 12/08/16 to 14/08/16) -60.-EUR

Stabling fee does not include feed.

Shawings – 10.-EUR per /bale

Electricity - 20.-EUR by request

Hay - day price

Payments in cash on arrival.

Stalls for Horses

Please note that for LAT, LTU, EST etc. riders stalls will booked automatically by the masterlist. If you need to cancel your entry , please let us know ASAP to cancel the stalls as well.

Special requests or questions regarding stabling by e-mail:

Please inform the sex of the horse and approximate arrival time.

Info: Indra Gabalina , +371 29423300

The number of stalls is limited, preference is given to Horses from outside Latvia and for the whole competition period.

Dress and sadlery

Protective Headgear and top /bowler- according to Art.427.1 FEI Dressage Rules.

Dress – according to Art.427.2 and Art.427.4 FEI Dressage Rules and Art.P-18 (for Children clases)

Saddlery according to Art. 428. FEI Dressage Rules.

Whip is not allowed whilst competing, (only during warm up).


OC will not be responsible for any physical loss or damage (accident, injury, theft, illness et.) that happen either as a direct result of actions of horses, athletesand/or their representatives , horse owners, grooms, parents, spectators or third parties or due to other unforeseen circumstances at the competition grounds , before, during or after the competitions.



13 August 2016

  • BDL Seniors I - Prix St.George (2016)

  • BDL Juniors I – FEI Children Individual Test (2016)

  • BDL Young Riders I – FEI Juniors Team Test (2016)

  • BDL Children I - FEI Children Preliminary Test B (2016)

  • BDL Amateurs I - FEI Children Preliminary Test B (2016)

  • Open Class GP I - FEI Grand Prix (2016)

  • „Open Class” M I - FEI Preliminary Test Juniors (2016)

  • „Open Class” L I - FEI Children Team Test (2016)

14 August 2016

  • BDL Seniors II - Intermediate I Freestyle to Music (2009)

  • BDL Juniors II – FEI Preliminary Test Juniors (2016)

  • BDL Young Riders II– FEI Young Riders Preliminary Test (2016)

  • BDL Children II - FEI Children Team Test (2016)

  • BDL Amateurs II - FEI Children Team Test (2016)

  • Open GP II - FEI Grand Prix Freestyle (2009)

  • „Open Class” M II - FEI Team Test Juniors (2016)

  • „Open Class” L II -FEI Children Individual Test (2016)

  • BDL Team competition will be held in an accordance with Baltic League DRESSAGE General Rules 2016


Prize giving ceremony after each class.Ribbons for 25% horses , but not less than 3 for each class. Coolers for winners of each BDL division (1st day + 2 nd day)

-BDL Seniors PSG+Intermediate I Freestyle - 300.-EUR

-BDL Young Riders M class (1st day +2nd day) -200.-EUR

- BDL Juniors L class (1st day +2nd day) -150.-EUR

-BDL Children class (1st day +2nd day) -150.-EUR

-BDL Amateurs class (1st day +2nd day) -150.-EUR

-„Open Class” GP (1st and +2nd day) - Prizes in kind

Open Class” M class (1st day +2nd day) - Prizes in kind

-„Open Class” L class (1st day +2nd day) - Prizes in kind


-„Tallink Hotel Riga” , Elizabetes 24, LV-1050, Riga

Phone: +371 67099760


-Hotel „Avalon4*”, Kaleju street 70/72, Riga, Latvia

Phone: +371 67169999


-„Goodstay Eiropa”

Phone: +371 67355772; +37120363796


-Holiday House „ Niedras” , Jurmala, Priedaine, LV-2010

phone: +371 29549910


-Quest House „Elingi” , Salas, Babites region, jūrmala, LV-2105

phone: +371 29275577




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